I was looking at information and pictures of the Oregon Trail. It was traveled in the 1800’s to go from Missouri to Oregon.
There is too much information to put in one post, so I’ll do posts about parts of it when I have enough information about a topic.

Here is a map of the Oregon Trail by the National Parks Service.

The part that goes through Kansas is where you would find these wildflowers.

This is a Sunflower and it is the state flower of Kansas. By, Greg O’Beirne, Wikipedia Commons.

This is Indian Paint Brush and it is the state flower of Wyoming, but for today, it is in Kansas.  By, Conniemod, Wikipedia Commons.

Mock Orange  by tracy from north brookfield, Massachsetts, usa. Wikipedia Commons.

Goldenrod, state flower of Nebraska, but you’d also see it in Kansas. By, Yonasson Gershom, Wikipedia Commons.

The last picture is of Blue Sage by, Wildfleur, Wikipedia Commons.