In the early mornings and evenings, I have seen hot air balloons floating in the air over the town. They are low enough that I can wave to the people in the baskets and they wave back. It is very cold up there.
The balloons go up when the air is still. They don’t do well in wind.
Horses do not like the sounds of the jets that heat the air inside the balloons.

I found some pictures of hot air balloons in different parts of the world.

Piloting a hot air balloon  by, Eric Lim, Wikipedia Commons

Hot air balloon, water reflection, Quebec, Canada, User: Mtruch, Wikipedia Commons

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Over Leeton, New South Wales, Australia  by, Bidgee, Wikipedia Commons

Over Brisbane  by, Cyron Ray Macey from Brisbane, Australia, Wikipedia Commons

Over Cappadocia, Turkey  by, Bocken Inaglory, Wikipedia Commons

By, Dave Parks, Wikipedia Commons

This last picture is by Tomascastalazo, Wikipedia Commons.