If you ever want to be highly confused, try finding out about weather.
All I wanted to know is how does a cold front move in and get rid of the warm front.
We are hot and humid now. We are supposed to get thunder storms this afternoon. The storms are supposed to cool things down for at least a few days.

This is what I found that made some kind of sense.

This is a space view of the Earth’s atmosphere as the sun sets.  By, NASA

Next is a diagram of a warm front from NOAA.

A heat wave, by NOAA. The H is for high pressure system.

This next diagram is a cold front, by, NOAA.

Next is a picture of clouds that are associated with a cold front moving in, by, NOAA.

This last picture is a lovely picture from wallpapers.bassq.n of lightning with Saguaro Cactus.