I had written up this post and something fouled up but good. Here it is again.

The Columbia River Gorge is on the Oregon Side. I did a previous post about the Columbia River and it was on The Washington State side.
It is remarkable. This is just a tad of what you would see if you visited there.

I am going to be changing all the US maps of the states in all the posts that has it. I am not sure if the one I was using is public domain. So, for just in case, I am using the map from the Environmental Protection Agency. And please can we get US government agencies to shorten their names?

The maps. Starting with the US map of the states  by, EPA. Oregon is way over on the left, right above California, the bright green CA. I don’t know what to call the color of Oregon.

I found this map of what counties the gorge is located in. It is by oregoneconomicanalysis.wordpress.com. I drew the arrows.

The next map is of the Columbia River  by, Kmusser, Wikipedia Commons.

A panorama of the gorge  by, Snottywong, Wikipedia Commons.

A view from Cape Horn  by, etteibe, Wikipedia Commons.

A view from Crown Point  by, Krthkc123, Wikipedia Commons.

Another view of the gorge  by, Spenmac, Wikipedia.

This last picture is of Vista House, on the gorge  by, Kelvin Kay, Wikipedia.