I have noticed that the light has changed in the mornings. It is different, in some way, from earlier in the month. I have noticed this change for some years.
It seems as if there is a fifth season that starts toward the end of July and lasts until September.

I did find some lovely pictures of morning light. The first one is of Mars, from NASA.

This next picture has a different color light than usual. It could be used in a movie. It is by Herbythyme, Wikipedia Commons.

The sun peeking out from behind a building  by, Karen Vernon, Wikipedia Commons.

First light on rooftops  by, Carol Rose, Wikipedia Commons.

Morning light through the woods  by, Simon Carey, Wikipedia Commons.

The last picture is of a Rainbirder Puffin  by, Steve Garvey from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, Wikipedia Commons.