I am looking up stuff for more about the Oregon Trail. Not the gloss over, but the nuts and bolts. I am on food and it will take a bit of effort to find good information for a post.

I am always amazed at orange roses. They stand out in a garden and I stop and wonder who thought of making roses this color. They are lovely.

Nancy Reagan  by, Stickpen, Wikipedia Commons

Alexander  by, Bassetta, Wikipedia Commons

Oslana  by, Hubu, Wikipedia Commons

Command Performance  by, Homein Salem, Wikipedia Commons

Louis de Funes  by, Jamain, Wikipedia Commons

Fragrant Cloud  by, Homein Salem, Wikipedia Commons

Michka  by, Georges Seguin, Wikipedia Commons

Tropicana  by, Homein Salem, Wikipedia Commons

This last rose is named after a famous US actor, Helen Hayes. The picture was taken by, Kevin Lakhani, Wikipedia Commons.