This time of year provides marvelous fruit. Pears, peaches, some berries and later on, apples.
This year, because of the hot weather in the north-east, Some fruits may ripen early.
I love peaches. There was a peach tree when I was a kid that had  small pinkish white peaches with the inside being white. I have not ever seen any like them again. They were remarkable with a lot of flavor and sweet, but not sicky sweet. They were very fuzzy.

If you buy canned peaches, they are cling peaches. This means that the pit sticks to the fruit. They are used because they are firm and don’t go to mush in the can. They are mild in flavor and are sweet.
The other kind that is common is called freestone. You can tell you have a freestone by the way the pit just comes right out. The inside where the pit was is dark red. The fruit has a lot of flavor and has a nice sweetness. They are wonderful to pick off a tree and eat.

I found some lovely pictures. The first picture is of a white Georgia peach. The picture was taken by GazelligGiraffe, Wikipedia Commons.

The second picture is of the usual white peach found in the grocery store. It is taken by Evan Amos, Wikipedia Commons.

The next picture is of a peach called Autumn Red. It is a freestone, as far as I can tell. I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. Or the last. The is  taken by the USDA.

Next is a picture of a young peach growing on the tree. It is by, Fastly, Wikipedia Commons.

The last picture is of peaches called Flameprince, taken by Keith Weller, USDA.
his is a new kind of peach that is made to not only have nice flavor, but to be firm enough to be shipped to stores all over the place.