Pears are starting to go on sale in the grocery store.
There are not that many kinds of pears for sale. It depends what region you live in. Some pears are sold in only some places.
I have a cold and I am fuzzy today.

Here are the pictures. They are all from Wikipedia Commons.

Pear Tree  by, Bangin

Pear Blossoms in full bloom  by, HannesP

Organic Bartlet Pears  by, Joe Mabel

Conference Pears  by, Penny Mayes

Japanese Pears  by, Akira Yamada

Black Pears  by, Pauline Eccles

Asian Pears  by, Sage Ross

Asian Pears at an Asian Supermarket in New Jersey  by, Tomwsulcer

Lukas Pears  by, Glysiak

Carola Pears by, Glysiak

Williams Pears  by, User: Nino Barbiera

Blake’s Pride Pear  by, Scot Bauer, USDA

Hood River Valley Pears  by, Gary Halverson, Oregon State Archives

The last picture is a Korean Pear  by, Phasmatisnox.