The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. It is huge and the Colorado River runs through it. Tourists go there and stand at one of the edges in awe of the scene.
It is in the state of Arizona.

I’ll start with some maps.

Us Map of the states, EPA. AZ is lavender and is at the bottom just right of California.

Arizona  by, National Park Service

From 1908  by, national Forest Service

This is a diagram of the rock layers of the canyon.

By, National Park Service

A satellite view.


Just pictures.

From National Archives and Records Administration

From 1872, John Wesley Powell Images

This next picture is from Wikipedia Commons and the photographer isn’t named.

Eagle Rock  by, Julius Reque, Wikipedia Commons

Rockfall  by, Qfl247, Wikipedia Commons

By, Doc Searls, Wikipedia Commons

Storm over Grand Canyon  by, Umbongo247, Wikipedia Commons

In winter  by, Pescaiolo, Wikipedia Commons

By, David Jolley, Wikipedia

By, Olivier from France, Wikipedia Commons

The last picture is by chenslyuan, Wikipedia Commons.