I was walking this morning. The weather is a bit cooler and so I will be able to do morning walks again.
I saw some wildflowers growing in odd places. They are hardy plants and like to show up where you wouldn’t expect them.

All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

There’s a picture of wildflowers above the 78th parallel. It was taken in
Canada, by, Xander.
This is far up north. I have a map to show you where it is located. It is by,  jimht at shaw.ca. I drew the line.Look where that is. It’s the Arctic Circle, for heaven’s sake.

Here the picture of those hardy wildflowers.

The rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

By Dannie Calder

By, Ardfern

On a compost heap  by, Evelyn Simak

Dave Hitchborne

By, Oxymoron

By Tomwsulcer

Pentire headland, Cornwall  by, Andy F

The last picture is by National Park Service.