The North American Prairie covers a huge amount of land. It goes from the top of Texas to Canada.
In the US, it is where vast numbers of immigrants went to seek a new way of life. They took their worldly belongings and with their families, struck out for parts unknown.
The wide open spaces of the prairie were overwhelming. For miles and miles in any direction, all you saw was grass covered land. If you started a homestead to farm the land, you could be very much alone for long periods of time.
There are many romantic tales about the lives of those who settled the west, but basically, it was hard work.
There were many dangers. Illness, injury, bad water, bad food and hostile people were present.
Fire would devastate an area quickly. Drought could wipe out years of farm work.
So, why did so many people go west?. Their lives were paltry and there was no chance to make things better. The thoughts of new places, ownership of land and freedom to start fresh filled people’s heads.

The Prairie was also called the Great Plains and grasslands.

I’ll start with the maps.

US Map of the states by, EPA.

Map of the Great Plains, Wikipedia

By, Forest Service, USDA

This is a picture of part of the grasslands by, NASA.

This is a picture of clouds over the Yellow Prairie in South Dakota by, Wing Chi Poon, Wikipedia Commons.

Prairie Homestead by, Chitrapa, Wikipedia Commons.

The next pictures are of prairie grasses.

Tall grasses  by, RedWordSmith, Wikipedia

Big Bluestem in mixed prairie grasses  by, National Park Service

Short grasses by, Forest Service, USDA

Oglala National Grassland  by, Brian Kell, Wikipedia Commons

Cimarron grassland  by, Zorin09, Wikipedia Commons

Missouri Coteau  by, Sarah Green, Wikipedia Commons

Big Thomson River Moraine Park  by, Wuesel007, Wikipedia Commons

This last picture was taken in Elk Meadow  by, Rd Ace 2009, English Wikipedia.