I had heard a report that the grapes in Michigan and New York state are doing just fine;. During the winter there was a warm spell and then a sudden cold snap. Some table grapes had buds and they got frozen. Those vines won’t have grapes this year. They hope for the best for next year.
The wine grape vines didn’t have that many buds out when that cold snap came. They did lose some buds, but they said that the grapes this year are full of flavor and the sugar level is good.

The grape vines in the mid west also made it for the most part. They didn’t lose may vines to the drought.

I was walking around and I saw two petunias that i had seen when they were smaller. They were full of color and I stood there and looked at them for a few minutes. I was so glad a car didn’t come by and see me standing there looking like a lost soul.

First is a drawing of grape vine roots. The thing about these roots is they go deep into the ground and find moisture that keeps the vine alive when it is so dry.

Next is a picture of grape vines by Chris Reynolds, Wikipedia Commons.

A picture of wine grapes on the vine, by, Jill Clardy, Wikipedia Commons.

Now, for the petunias. This picture is of a striped petunia, by, Kristian Cvar, Wikipedia Commons.

A pink double petunia, by, BETTY, Wikipedia Commons.

And last, a picture of Petunia that was in the general petunia category. It was taken by, Adriano, from Italian Wikipedia.