I am not sure of all the kinds of herbs they carried on the trail. I rounded up a bunch of different herbs. I found wonderful pictures and that was the main reason some of them are in this post.

First, two maps.

Oregon Trail  by, National Park Service

NASA topographical map and trail line by Mathew Trump, Wikipedia Commons.

All the rest of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

The most common item used for food was salt. It was used in cooking and for preserving meats.

Ground floor tunnel, Khewra Salt mines, Pakistan  by, Simsarmad

Salt  by, kevindooley

Black pepper comes in handy.

Black pepper plant  by, Sugeesh from ml. Wikipedia

Dried black pepper corns  by, Andre Kanwath

Black pepper grains  by, User: Henna

Bay leaves can be used for a lot of soups, stews and other things. The leaves have to be removed before the food is eaten. You can choke on them.

Bay tree leaves  by, Lewis Collard

Dried Bay Leaves  by, Mannsari66

Parsley is good for clearing one’s breath. It is also used in foods. It can be dried and used that way.

Curly parsley  by, H. Zell.

One name for this is Italian Parsley  by, H. Zell

Sage grows readily and could have been used.

Dried Sage  by, User: Henna

Rosemary grows well and could have been used.

Rosemary Plant  by, Donovan Govan

Rosemary Leaves  by, User: maksim

And last, a bundle of thyme  by, Evan-Amos.