This morning I was looking out of the window and noticed that the light is a bit different from it was a few weeks ago. This made me wonder about light in general.
I did read some information about why light looks the way it does in certain circumstances. My eyes rolled back in my head and I couldn’t stand it.

When the sun comes up, and it is at the horizon, the color is pink. When the sun rises higher, the color is yellow. This goes in reverse at sunset.

I found pictures of  sunrises, morning light and sunsets. They are all from Wikipedia Commons.

Sunrise  by, NOAA

Sunrise,  by, Chameleon, English Wikipedia

Beautiful morning light in Colorado Springs, Colorado  by, Mattcatpurple from Hay River, Canada

Morning light  by, Bala

Morning light  by, Bala

Sunset  by, AngMoko

This last picture is of a sunset  by, NOAA.