Curiosity has been a busy girl on Mars. The wind sensor didn’t work and it would have been nice to see a windsock on her mast. They didn’t put one on.
Curiosity has performed two tests and passed with flying colors. The first test zapping a rock. The second test was going for a drive on Mars. She also took great pictures of all this.
All the pictures are from NASA.

First is a diagram of Curiosity.

Here she is in the lab on Earth.

Curiosity on Mars.

Curiosity talks to the guys at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

Here’s a diagram of how Curiosity talks to them.

Here is a pictures of the rocks.

Here is the rock zapper on Curiosity.

A close up of the zapper.

The rocks before and after the zaps. Curiosity 1  Rocks 0.

Getting ready to roll. Kicking the tires.

She can see where she’s been by looking back at the tracks.

Last picture, a look at a track.