I know very little about the state of North Carolina. What I do know is people visit it and come back saying how wonderful it is and that they are going back to the state. There is natural beauty with both mountains and ocean beaches.

I found all of the pictures at Wikipedia Commons. The exceptions are the two pictures of Dogwood flowers.

Two maps.

US map of the states  by, EPA. North Carolina is way over on the right side and is gray.

Topographical map of North Carolina  by, NASA

The state flower is flowering Dogwood., In the spring, the flowers bloom  in white and pink.

From all free download

From forestwanderer

The state vegetable is the sweet potato.

By, Jerome SAUTRET

The state red berry is the strawberry.

By, Nedko Ivanho

The state blue berry is the blueberry.


The state tree is the Loblolly Pine.

By, sipeoria, English Wikipedia

The state stone is the emerald.

By, Vzb83

The state plant is the Venus Flytrap.

By, User: Mmparades

The Appalachian Trail runs through North Carolina.

At Newfound Gap  by, Billy Hathorn

The state bird is the Northern Cardinal.

By, Mike’s Birds

The next two pictures are of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

By, Ken Thomas

Blowing Rock  by, Zainurazvi

Out to the coastline. This is a satellite photo of the North Carolina coast by, NASA. It has barrier islands.

The state shell is the Scotch Bonnet.

By, Joshymarks

This is a NASA picture of Roanoke Island.

This is  the New Roanoke Marshes Light at Manteo  by, Riley.

A picture of a Lighthouse at Ocracoke  by, Sedna10837, English Wikipedia.

A picture of Cape Hatteras by Laura Sturtz, National Park Service.

A picture of the Outer Banks  by NOAA.

The last picture is of the state horse, the Spanish Mustang. These are wild Spanish Colonial  Mustangs on the Outer Banks  by, Joye.