I now have a little digital camera. It’s nothing fancy, but I like it.
I took a few pictures and they came out okay.
This morning I bought apples from a local orchard. I got Cortland, Empire and Yellow Delicious.
I will probably make an apple crisp with the Cortland apples. At the rate I’m going, I will probably take a picture of that too.

I am to blame for all of the pictures today.

This is the first picture I took with the camera. I was trying to figure out how to use it and I snapped the shutter. It is a blurry picture of my place mat.

I took another picture this morning. There was no wind and so the balloons were out early. I got a picture of one, but it is too small to see.

Next are the apple pictures.


Yellow Delicious

The final picture is of Empire apples.