I went to the supermarket yesterday and there was local apple cider for sale. It was a bit pricey, so I bought a small bottle.
I am not sure what kinds of apples are used for cider. It depends where the cider is made.
Sweet cider is what I bought. Hard cider isn’t easy to find around here. I’m sure it exists, but I haven’t seen it.
I read that cider was first made in the US. I would bow to the expertise of the UK in cider making. Hard cider is well known there and can be bought easily.
In the olden days in the US, apple trees grown from seed produces sour, almost bitter tasting apples. not let them go to waste, people made Apple Jack and other varieties of alcohol. It was not unknown for this drink to be sold privately and behind closed doors.
To make cider, you need an apple orchard with the right kind of apples.
You need to take care of the apple trees which is a lot of work. I’ll talk about that in another post.
When the apples are ready to pick, they are plucked off the trees and put into boxes.
The apples are cut up and mashed. They are put into an apple press and the cider flows out.
Apple cider is only available around here for a short period of time. You can’t store it, you have to drink it fairly soon after you buy it. It will get fizzy if kept too long and it gets funky tasting. It need to be refrigerated right after you come home.

I found all of the wonderful pictures at Wikipedia Commons.

Cider apple harvest in Herefordshire  by, Peter Styles

Crates ready for picking cider apples, UK by, David Mould

The next two pictures are of cider apples  by, Jonathon Billinger.

Next are pictures of apple presses.

Apple cider process  by, Ekardif

Cider press in Hollis, New Hampshire, USA  by, Captain-tucker

From the National Trust for Jersey

Juicing  by, Red58bill

The next two pictures are by Mike Faherty.

New Forest older apple pressing

Cider apple pressing at New Forest

The next picture is a close up of of a cider press. the next picture after that is a look at the same press from a bit of a distance. Both were taken by, Red58bill.

The last picture is of apple cider in the left glass and apple juice in the right one. The picture was taken by, en-user Tmherman.