It is a cool morning with bright sun. A hot spring would be nice to see about now.
Some hot springs come from down in the crust of the Earth where water is heated by the rocks. They farther down in the crust, the hotter things get. Other hot springs come from the hot magma that comes from volcanoes.

It you see stem rising from a pool of water, I wouldn’t stick a finger or toe in there. It could be very hot. Too hot.

All of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Boiling waterfall in Wakarewarena  by, Peter Harrison from Aukland, New Zealand

Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park  by, Jan Krosell

Hot Pool next to Raging Meager Creek  by, JohnHarvey, Canada

Crab Tree Springs  by, CrabTree13

In Wyoming  by, Charles Willgren from Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

This last picture is of  Alpha Pool Liard river, Hotsprings, British Columbia, Canada  by, Lee Tengum.