In trying to find out about the terrain of Kansas for the Oregon Trail, I found out that Kansas has tons of rocks and they have formed into dynamic shapes.
There’s more to Kansas than wheat and grass.
There is a tie to the Oregon Trail, but not all the rocks or formations I have pictures of were along it.
I’ll get to Mars Rover Curiosity after Kansas. She took pictures for NASA.

Let’s start with the maps. The first is the Oregon Trail Map by the National Park Service. The second map is from NASA, a topographical map with the Oregon Trail drawn by Matthew Trump.

The picture of Kansas are from Wikipedia.  I am indeed lazy and will just write W. The National Park Service also took pictures. I am using NPS for that.

Rock City  by, Nationalparks, W

Rock City  by, User:Smarkflea, W

This is Mushroom Rock  by Nationalpaeks, W

The next pictures are of Castle Rock and that area.

Badlands by Castle Rock  by, Ngresonance, W

Castle Rock  by, Glamafez W

Castle Rock in 2005 after a thunderstorm took off some of the top  by, Ngresonance, W

Badlands  by, Ngresonance, W

Badlands  by, Ngresonance, W

Bluff near Castle Rock  by, Ngresonance, W

Curiosity has been busy on Mars.
Here are two pictures of Mount Sharp.

These are three pictures of Jake. It is named after Jake Matijevic. Jake is close to the size of an American football. The last picture is a close up of Jake.

“I did a Science!” Curiosity tweeted.