This time of year is known for harvest some crops. If there is a lot of rain, the farmers have to wait until things are dry enough to bring in the crops.
Cereal crops are brought in at this time. Once a crop is ripe, there is a time limit on how long the grains can sit in the fields  before they die.

All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Women hand harvest potato crop  by, National Archives and Records Administration

Crop ready for harvest  by, James Denham

Bhawana City, harvested crops  by, Rafhan513

Crop ready for harvest above Isle Court  by, Pierre Terra

Harvested turnips  by, Pauline Eccles

Evening harvest before it rains  by, Dennis Simpson

Ready to harvest wheat crop at Mirza  by, Muhammadrabdullah

After a heavy rain, bails wait for collection  by, Pauline Eccles

Harvesting cereal crop  by, David MacCaskill

The last picture is of sheep harvesting grass in a meadow near Norton Court by, Penny Meyers.