The harvest moon was last night and it was too cloudy to see it here.
I got out for a short walk a bit late this morning. It had been cloudy and when I was out, the sharp autumn sun was shining through partly cloudy skies.
One of the reasons I had gotten the camera was because of pink Petunias I had seen The color was light and I hadn’t seen it before. On my first walk with the camera, the Petunias weren’t in bloom. This morning they were as pretty as a picture.

Here are the pictures I took on my walk. I am not accustomed to the sunlight s\and the camera yet.

The first two pictures are of Marigolds.

White Mums.

The next picture shows that these mums get north east light in the mornings, but not much west south light in the afternoons. Buildings block the light.

When this picture appeared in the post it was blurry as could be. It cleared up, phew.

These are Lantana. I haven’t seen many of them this year. They like a lot of sun.


The last three pictures are of the light pink Petunias.