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The Cimarron National Park goes beyond Kansas, but I think Kansas is the main part of it.
I have read that Kansas is boring and flat. I beg to differ. It is beautiful. There are parts where wheat and other crops are grown on huge farms. It is advised not to take a bus trip in those areas. Grown people have been known to cry on those trips because of the sameness of the scenery. That might be why Kansas got an unfair reputation as being nothing but fields.
I have never been to Kansas and learned about this state from looking at pictures.
I will put WC for Wikipedia Commons. I am a lazy sot.

There is so much beauty. If you get a chance to go there, enjoy it. After you have looked around, take some pictures. If you take the pictures right away, you end up missing the beauty because you are thinking about the type of picture you’ll take.

The map.

US Map of the states  by, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, US. I put a blue line around Kansas.

This is a picture of the expanse of grasslands  by, Zorin09, WC.

This is a picture of Point of Rocks and it’s from United States Department of Agriculture, USDA.

Here are two pictures of Cimarron by the Forest Service, USDA.

Update, I forgot to put one in, here it is.

This is Cimarron River near Forgon, Okalahoma. By, National Ocecianic Atmospheric Administration, NOAA.
Who is the person that named the US government agencies? The names are very long and complicated.

The next pictures are a small part of the wildlife you would see in the park.

Wild Turkey walking  by, Wing-Chi-Poon, WC

Dove  by, Gabriele Steren, WC

Lesser Prairie Chicken  by, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Scaled Quail  by, Tim from Ithaca, WC

Bobwhite Quail  by, US Fish and Wildlife Service

By, Samsara, WC. These two have a Latin name and I have forgotten what they are, but they are there in the park. I think they are Pronghorn, called Antelope by the less than smart. Me, for instance.

Mule Deer Curlew  by, Ken Timothy, US Fish and Wildlife Service

The last picture is of White Tailed deer. By, Raul654, WC.