I see a lot of Sparrows around. Usually they are in the air and going like the speed of light. They dart around and dive for a morsel of food on the ground and back up in the air without pause. I have seen them get a tiny piece of bread from the sidewalk, right near people.
All the rest of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Sparrows on a slim limb  by, Keith from Newark DE, USA

House Sparrows bathing  by, Audrey from Russia

Chestnut Shouldered Sparrow  by, J.M. Garg

Sparrows  by, Oleg Shelyov from Russia

Rufous crowned Sparrows  by, Tim from Ithica

Seven Sparrows  by, Jimmy Palma Gil

Sparrows, Kitanomaru Park  by, Tomoyuki Kawshima from Japan

Sparrows in Manhattan, NY  by, User: Jamiel

Sparrows on a beach in Egypt  by, Kormoran

House Sparrows at feeder  by, Matt MacGillvray

Father House Sparrow feeding baby  by, Rootology

The last picture is by User: Jamiel of Mother House Sparrow and two hungry babies in Manhattan, NY.