The Hubble Telescope had a rough beginning. The brief version is that it was the first space telescope that would be serviced by astronauts in space shuttles. They got it up into a low orbit around Earth with the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1990.
The first image to come back was marred by defects in the optics of the telescope.
To put it mildly, NASA had a very bad time with its public image until Hubble was fixed. A lot of jokes were told and nasty cracks made about NASA.
In 1993, Space Shuttle Endeavour did an upgrade and the Hubble was in working order.

The pictures are all from NASA. I’ll start with images that are before the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery carrying Hubble into orbit.

The mirror being polished at Marshall Space Flight Center.

The launch.

These pictures show what Hubble looks like in orbit. The photos are taken from space shuttles.

The image that showed the flawed optics.

NASA figured out what was wrong. This picture is of the Space Shuttle Endeavour crew fixing the troublesome optics in 1993.

Mission accomplished. This is a well known picture of a cloud lighted by the Horsehead Nebula. Taken in 2001.

Spiral Galaxy, taken in 2003.

Picture taken in 1999 of a nebula.

Veil Nebula, taken in 2007.

The last picture was taken recently this year. It is the Helix Nebula. They say it is coming apart at the seams.