We’ve had rain for a couple of days and as I type, the sun is coming out.
I had taken pictures on my walks around and I have some pictures from those.

If you want to get spring bulbs, you have to wait to plant them until at least after Halloween. It’s too warm before that. What happens if you plant them too soon is that they start to grow and then when there’s a cold snap, the leaves freeze.
Spring bulb plants need six weeks of cold weather for them to sprout up healthy and vibrant.
Always plant bulbs pointy side up.

The famous spring bulb plant  by, I don’t know the name.

This is an Aster. It comes back every year.

These are three Arborvitae. They made it through the hot summer.

A fuzzy picture of Goldenrod growing between the curb stone and asphalt road.

Picture of wild Daisies in between curb and parking lot.

Impatiens in October.

Zinnias in October.

This last picture is of a spring bulb plant. I took it on September 9th. I sat down on the pavement ans was so glad no one was around as I snapped this. it is a white Iris.