The Ural Mountains is a large range of mountains, mainly in Russia. There are minerals there and titanium.
They aren’t gently sloping hill, but ragged peaks that look barren.

Russia is the largest country in the world. It has 11 time zones and except for tropical, every climate zone.

Most of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons. I will label those that aren’t.

The maps.

World map  by, gerardgirand  Russia is on the right at the top.

This shows the different areas of Russia. By,  User: Local Profit


This is map of the Urals  by Captain Blood.

The name Ural always looks like it’s spelled wrong. I found 6 wondrous pictures taken by ugraland from Moscow, Russia.

Mountains in the Arctic Circle region

Near Saranpaul

This is from the Library of Congress. It is the Macsimosky Rock in the Chusovaya River.

These are stairs to the top of Masim Mountain, South Urals  by,

There are minerals in the Urals. Also titanium. This is a picture of titanium  by, RTC

These are some of the minerals.

Golden Beryl  by, Vzb83

One type of Anderdite  by, Didier Descourens

Another kind of Beryl  by, 1Chiny

Morganite  by, Gery Parent

Quartz  by, Didier Descouens

 The last picture is of Beryl, an emerald. By, Gery Parent