This time of year on the east coast of the US, you can plant garlic. You can also plant it in the spring. It is used in a lot of cooking.
Garlic is easy to plant. If you use any kind of fertilizer, you have to check the directions on when to stop using it before you harvest.

Two drawings of garlic. The first is the of clove and the second is garlic planted in the ground.

Plant pointy side up.

The real pictures of garlic. All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Garlic growing  by, Leo Michels

The next three pictures are by H. Zell.

This is how you see garlic for sale  by, User:Nino Barbien.

Garlic and the cloves  by, Donovan Dovan.

Garlic and garlic press by, Les Kindness.

Garlic and chopped garlic  by, Samedi1.

The last picture is of a slice of garlic. The center is where the leaves grow from. By, Flik R.