I was looking out of the window early this morning ans saw a couple of trees shining orange in the sun light. I wondered how they could have suddenly gotten so colorful The day before they were dull tan.
A half an hour later, they were again dull tan. I’ll try to get out with the camera at both times to see if I can get pictures of this.

I found lovely pictures of autumn light. The are all from Wikipedia Commons, except for the first one by Capital photographer from English Wikipedia. The picture is of the National Carillon in Canberra, Australia, in autumn mist.

It’s hard to do seasonal light comparisons unless I have taken the pictures at the same time during different seasons. Anyway, here are two pictures of winter light, which looks softer than the autumn light.

Winter morning light  by, Stanley Howe

Late winter afternoon light  by, Andrew Hill

The rest of the pictures are of autumn light.


By, Christine Matthews

By flemming christensen

The last picture is by, Christine Westerback.