Snow Leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia.
This map gives a general idea of where they roam. The basic map is by, Brion Vibber, Wikipedia Commons.

Before I forget to tell you, all the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

The pictures I found of Snow Leopards are taken in zoos. I didn’t find any pictures of them in the wild. This is because the Snow Leopards live high up in the mountains. Some are in zoos, but most of them haven’t been seen by people.
Snow Leopards can’t roar. They do make the other big cat sounds.
They have big feet and walk very quietly. Their fur is thick and their tails are long. Their tails keep them in balance when they walk in precarious areas. They can wrap their tails around their faces when they sleep, It protects them for the bitter cold.
The reason that Snow Leopards are still a mystery is that not much is known about them. I hope it always remains that way. They don’t like people bothering them.

The pictures.

By, Bernard Landgraf

By, Eric Kilby

By, Nick Wagner

By, Vassil

By, Sujit kamer Mahapatra

By, Hanmac

By, Dingopup

By, Mammalwatcher

This last picture is taken by, Notjake13.