Cheetahs can run about 75 miles per hour at a short spurt. They can’t keep it up but you’d never catch them. And they don’t want you to. They don’t like you bothering them.
I read that Cheetahs live mainly in Africa, which I did know and also some places in the Mid East, which I didn’t know.
This is a map that shows how far Cheetahs roam in Africa. It is based on a map by Brion VIBBER from Wikipedia Commons. Before I forget, all the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Here is another map that shows the Mid East as well as Africa. I am showing it to you because I like maps and it is a nice one. The caption reads, Versperiding jachtlupeard de Emglese of de Poolse maker.

Cheetahs are long and lean. They have large noses so they can get their breath to run. They can purr when they inhale, but they can’t roar. Some big cats can only purr when they exhale.

By, William Warby

By, Nicole Honig

Schuyler Shepherd

By, Damir Jelic

By, Emmanuel FAIVE

The last three pictures are by, Marlene Thyssen. The first is a kitten.