When I was in my teen years, I so very badly wanted an Ocelot. I had wanted a Cheetah before this, but knew that a Cheetah and I wouldn’t fit on my bed at night. The Cheetah would own the bed and whatever else it wanted. Not a house cat.
It was explained to me that an Ocelot wouldn’t like me bothering him. He would probably get offended at some point and there would an unpleasant discussion. The Ocelot would win. Not a house cat.
I didn’t find out much about Ocelots when I looked around for information. Ocelots are called Painted Leopards and the pictures show why. They primarily lice in South and Central America. They do well in zoos.

The map.

By, Chermundy, Wikipedia Commons

I am using WC for Wikipedia Commons for the pictures.

By, Anna Cotta, WC

By, Lady Rowena, WC

By, Greg Hume, WC

By, Mind Meal, English Wikipedia

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By, Danieo, WC

By, Tony Hisgett WC

By, Tom Smylie, US Fish and Wildlife Service

The last picture is by Ella Sanders, WC.