I had to run errands and made myself do them. It was a bit windy, but not cold. It is cloudy, but no rain yet.
The conversations were all about the storm. It seems to be coming in more quickly than previously thought.
People are out and about. I heard that supermarkets are running out of the usual storm stuff.
Yard have been cleared of branches and porches cleared of things that could fly in high winds.
New York City has closed the public schools and the New York subway system will close down at 7 this evening.
On the east coast of the US, we are taking no chances with this storm. The warnings are for a very bad storm. If I don’t post, it is because I am playing Little House on The Prairie.

This is a picture of the hurricane taken last night, October 28, 2012, by NASA.

A picture from NOAA.

A picture showing where they expect Sandy to make landfall, by NOAA.

A last picture from Cassini, which is having a long look at Saturn. There is a storm there as well. By, NASA.