Early this morning, there was light rain and not too high gusts of winds. The heat went on during the night and so it’s not that warm outside.
Sandy is supposed to make landfall this afternoon and it is supposed to be in south New Jersey.
There is a high pressure system to the east of Sandy in the Atlantic Ocean. There is a low pressure west of the east cost of the US. From what I understand, these two pressure systems push Sandy inland instead of going out to sea. It is unusual for a hurricane to do this. The other bad thing is that the storm will not rush by and then go out to sea. She will hang around for a bit.
The worst of the storm is forecasted to arrive this afternoon and this evening. This is for the New Jersey, New Your and Connecticut area.

The US map of the states by the Environmental Protection Agency. I drew the red circle of area that Sandy is giving trouble.

I have two maps from NOAA. The first shows the cone of influence of Sandy. The second shows where Sandy was at about 8 this morning. These are both from today.

There is another concern. There is a cold air mass coming down and it is supposed to  be in West Virginia. It will possibly bring heavy snow. I am not sure where else this cold air will be, but I did find a NOAA map of this weather situation.

Map of the states by EPA with my red circle around West Virginia.

This last picture is the NOAA map. The pink area is where they expect snow.