Parakeets are modest sized birds that come in different colors and types. Some live in warm climates outdoors. They are gregarious. Some live indoors and happily toss stuff out of their cages.
Parakeets, if handled young, are good companions. Some will learn to talk a bit and some will look at you like you are strange, indeed when you try to teach them to talk.

All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Rose ringed Parakeets in Mumbai City  by, Rudolph A. furtado

By, Jen Smith

Rose ringed Parakeets

Plain Parakeet eating banana  by, Tieme

Blue winged Parakeet  by, Suriyakumars

By, ZoomViewer

The last picture is of a Monk Parakeet landing in a park in Brussels. There wasn’t a name of the author, but there was a name by the thumbnail and that was User: Szilas.