About the only way you will see a Jaguar is in a zoo. They live mainly in South America and are hard to find. It is rare for anyone to see them.
Jaguars are the third largest of the big cats. They have short legs and tails. Their balance is superb. They have very strong jaws which means if I saw one, I would take off like  rocket.
Jaguars can roar. I don’t know if they can purr.
They are known to be by water and can swim well.

The first picture is by Us Fish and Wildlife Service.
The rest of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

By, Bjoen Christian Torrissen

By, User:Cburnett

There are white Jaguars, but they are rare. I couldn’t find a public domain picture of one.
Jaguars can also be black. These are called Black Panthers.
Here are three pictures of the Black Panthers.

By Bardrock

By, LaggedOnUser

By, Bruce McAdam from Raykjavik, Iceland