On the east coast, there are still places that don’t have power. There was a storm that brought snow to some areas on Wednesday and it knocked out power in some areas that had just gotten it back.
There are a lot of out of state electric utility companies around working on the lines.
I talked with someone this morning who had been in a shelter since a week ago last Tuesday. The power company had called him and told him he had power. He was on his way home after a stop at the store. Being in a shelter didn’t bother him. He had been in the US Navy during the Korean War. He was glad to be going home.
I found three pictures of fallen tress. They are not from around here or down because of the result of Sandy. They do show what it looks like around here.
There is one picture of after Sandy.
All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

By. Derek Harper

By, Peter McDermott

By, Bob Jones

The last picture was taken in Walden New York on October 30, 2012  by, Daniel Case.