This day is one of sorrow. It is when the Armistice was declared to end World War One.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers was begun by the Continental Congress in June of 1775. The US Congress formalized it in 1779. In 1802, it was made into the form that continued to expand until it was as large as it is today.
There are about 38,000 people, civilian and military that work in the USACE. They do a broad range of work that included environmental projects, like dredging rivers.

Except for one picture, all pictures are from the USACE. I’ll label them.  Some pictures don’t have dates.

The Map. This shows the USACE districts in the US.

West Point Military Academy was started in 1802. It is in New York State on the Hudson River.

This is a picture of the concept plan of West Point.

West Point, as it is today  by, Ahodges7, Wikipedia Commons.

Here are pictures of USACE projects that start in the 1800s up to the present day.

Pontoon bridge across James River, Virginia,  1864.

Gatun Lock Construction, Panama Canal, March 12, 1912

Dredging New York Harbor

Testing for toxic chemicals in the soil.

Proctor Lake, Texas

The last picture.  Launch Complex, Cape Canaveral, Florida by NASA. It was started in 1961.