I was interested in fossils when I was a kid. They seemed so odd. I had trouble understanding that fossils were not the plant or animal from long ago, but a petrified, so to speak, version of them. It seems that the animal or plant dies and slowly they change into the stone form.
Dinosaur bones are fossils.
There are imprints on stones that are fossils and who animal fossils.
For the rest of the facts, you are on your own.

The pictures are all from Wikipedia Commons.

By, User:DanielCD

This fish fossil is from the Green River formation  by, Dider Descouens. It’s the Green River that the Oregon Trail followed.

The next five pictures are plant fossils.

From Clare Family Florissant Fossil Quary, Florissant, Colorado  by, Slade Winstone.

The next four pictures are by, Ghedoghedo.

The last picture is of petrified wood  by, Jon Sullivan.