The total solar eclipse can been seen in Australia. There won’t be another one until 2015.
A solar eclipse happens when the moon is between the Sun and the Earth.

The Maps.

World map by, Ktrinko, Wikipedia Commons. Australia is in the lower right corner.

In Australia, the eclipse can be seen in Queensland and Northern Territory.CIA World Facebook Map, modified by Mark Ryan, Wikipedia Commons.

All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Two diagrams of a solar eclipse.

By, Khanc

This is a picture from 1889, from Popular Science Monthly, Volume 60.

This picture was taken in Keelung City, Taiwan May 21, 2012  by, SSR2000.

A picture taken in 2009  by, KKchowchow.

This last picture was taken on May 20, 2012 in Ogden Iowa, US  by, Gummigoof.