I was told that birds glide on the thermals. Well, that was confusing. What it means is that when there is hot air rising in the sky, the birds glide on it. They don’t flap their wings and they look like they are have a good time.

I’m starting with three pictures I drew that show the basic idea of hot air rising.

If you look up in the sky and see birds floating around, they are gliding on the thermals.

Swallow Tailed Kite in Florida  by, Joe Nicholson, Nature Photographer, Bugwood.org

Andean Condor  by, Colegata, Wikipedia Commons

Bald Eagle  by, SriMesh, Wikipedia Commons

Red Kite  by, Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK, Wikipedia Commons

Red Tailed Hawk  by, Segea, English Wikipedia

White Bellied Sea Eagle, Wallabi Island, Australia  by, Sascha Wenninger from Melborne, Australia, Wikipedia Common

Lesser Kestrel Falcon  by, Lip Kee, Wikipedia Commons

This last picture is of a California Condor  by, the US Fish and Wildlife Service.