Waterspouts are tornadoes over water. They are also called cyclones.
I read in the news this morning that there was a large waterspout near Australia.
I read that if you are in a boat and see a waterspout, don’t try to get closer to it to get a better look. You shouldn’t be doing that. Instead, the advice is to go away from it and at a ninety degree angle.

I found wonderful pictures of waterspouts.

Here is the Environmental Protection Agency US Map of the States. The red arrow on the right shows where the Carolinas are located. The red arrow at the top shows where the Great Lakes are located.

The first three pictures of a waterspout by Captain James Ezell. They were taken off Carolina Beach. If you look carefully at the second  picture, you can see the waterspout forming. In the third picture, you can see the waterspout on the surface of the water.

Next is a picture taken off Summerland Key of four waterspouts  by, Thepainguy, Wikipedia Commons.

This is off the Florida Keys  by, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

A picture of a waterspout on Lake Ontario, The Great Lakes  by, NOAA.

A waterspout on Lake Huron, The Great lakes  by, NOAA.

The last picture is a waterspout, but I don’t know where it was located. It was taken by, NOAA.