Three astronauts landed in a remote area of the Kazakhstan Steppes yesterday, in the dark. They had been at the International Space Station.
Their names are:
Yuri Malenchenko, Russia
Akihito Hoshide, Japan
Sunita Williams, NASA

The Map

Satellite Image of Kazakhstan from NASA. The lake is named Lake Balkash and it is turquoise. I’ll do a post on the lake and the rest of Kazakhstan at another time.

Next are two pictures of the Steppes  by, Vmenkov, Wikipedia Commons.

The first is north of Shu, Zhambyl Provence. The second is Central Kazakhstan, Aqmola Privince.

This is a picture from 2006 of technicians unloading cargo from Soyuz TMA-7.

A picture of the Soyuz TMA-7 landing, including a greeting party. By, NASA/Bill Ingalls.

This is a picture of the Soyuz TMA-O5M on its way to launch in July 2012. By, NASA/Carla Cloffi.

The last picture is of the Soyuz TMA-O5M landing, November 18, 2012.