During the month of October, things have been busy.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has seen a dust storm and then a new little dust storm.
Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has taken readings of the atmosphere. It is a bit complicated and I will talk about that, more likely babble, in another post.
Curiosity did find that the pressure dropped during the dust storm.

This is a drawing of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. All the images are from NASA. I couldn’t find a clear diagram of the instruments on the Orbiter.

A diagram of Opportunity Exploration Rover.

A basic diagram of Curiosity.

The images  from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter put together to show the big dust storm.

This picture is of the little dust storm. They don’t think it will go all around Mars.

A picture of the five scoop marks from Curiosity. She has been carrying a soil sample in her hopper while she has been driving. She will do the tests between other chores.

The last picture. Curiosity saw this bright little object. They don’t know what it is yet.