I came across a satellite image of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan when I was looking up something else. It is an amazing lake. It is very large and it is the color turquoise.

The maps.

This is a composite satellite image of the world  by, NASA.

This is a satellite image of Asia by NASA.

A map of Kazakhstan by, CIA World facebook.

Lake Balkhash by, NASA MODIS.

Another satellite image of Lake Balkhash that shows how big it is  by, NASA.

The next pictures are pictures of parts of the lake.
This one is of the Balkhash Plain  by, Ds2006, Wikipedia Commons.

This is the Markaol Reserve in the Altay Mountains  by, Dimitry A. Mottl, Wikipedia Commons.

The next picture is by, athineus, Wikipedia Commons.

The next two pictures are by, Nikolay Yushnikov, Wikipedia Commons.

One last satellite image by NASA.