If you go to Bryce Canyon, it will seem as if you stepped into another world. The rock formations are unusual. When I was looking at pictures of Bryce Canyon, I noticed that the sky was so blue that it didn’t look real.
This is just a small portion of what you would see at Bryce Canyon.

The maps.

us_map EPA UTMap of the states by, EPA. I drew the red line around Utah.

bryce USGSBy, US Geological Survey

This picture was taken by, Jean Christophe, BENOIST, Wikipedia Commons.

sm bryce canyonThis is called Thor’s Hammer  by, Martin Jones, Wikipedia Commons.

800px-Thor's_Hammer_-_Bryce_Canyon MArtyn Jones WCThe next picture is by, Luca Galuzzi.

640px-USA_10638_Bryce_Canyon_Luca_Galuzzi_2007 Luca Galluzzi WCHere are three pictures by National Park Service.
The first is of a natural bridge.

sm nps bridgeA picture of people in Bryce Canyon in the winter, using snowshoes.

sm horsesHorseback riding.

800px-Horseriders_in_Bryce_Canyon-NPS_photoElk are seen in the canyon. I don’t know who took this picture, but it is from Wikipedia Commons.

sm elk unknown WCMule Deer.

613px-Young_mule_deer_in_Bryce_NP James Phelps from USA WCA commonly seen bird is the Swift. The picture is taken by, James Phelps from USA, Wikipedia Commons.

450px-Apus_apus_01 Pawel Kuzniar WCThe last picture is of a Barn Swallow. There are a number of different kinds of Swallows. Swallows are seen in Bryce Canyon. The picture is taken by, Broken Inaglory, Wikipedia Commons. It wasn’t taken in Bryce Canyon.

800px-Chicks_swallow Broken Inaglory WC