I will do a post on Voyager 1 and 2, twin sister ships another time.
Voyager 1 has made news because after thirty five years of space travel, she is at the point where she will go into interstellar space.
A lot of this is about the unknown. No one knows what is out there in space as Voyager 1 continues to travel. The images show what was known and what was found  not to be the case in the outer region beyond the solar system. It is confusing because we are finding out about the unknown.
All the pictures are from NASA/JPL.

Voyager 1 was launched on September 5, 1977.

rocket_top Voyager 1 launchVoyager 1 still in the lab.

471px-Voyager_1_reencapsulatedVoyager1_Space_simulatorAn artist drawing of Voyager.

sm voyager 1 drawingThis is a diagram of the Voyagers in space, showing the interstellar region.

interstellar_1 voyagerThis diagram shows the Heliopause that has been wondered about for a long time.

646981main_TA007685_800-600 intersellar flowThis is a drawing of what could be in that area of space, out beyond our solar system.

missionImage_topThis is a drawing of what was thought to be in that area of space.

709975main_Krimigis-1pia16483-43_800-600.gif V out there

This is an old drawing of what NASA thought might be out in the Heliopause.

558107main_Viz_4_OldHeliopause_800-600This is the comparison of what was thought and what Voyager 1 found.

558151main_old-new-heliopause_800-600 old newThis is the new view by itself. They call the reddish area bubbles.

558118main_Viz_5_NewHeliopauseRev01_800-600This last drawing shows the magnetic field directions.

709938main_Burlaga-1pia16485-43_800-600 mag field directions