You may want to visit the Altai Mountains one day. There is a unique beauty to this area of the world. I am only showing a dab of this region.

The maps.

640px-Eckert4 Ktrinka WCWorld map  by, Ktrinka Wikipedia Commons. Siberia is up on the right. It is huge.

sm siberia CIA Ulamm WCThis map of Siberia is based on a CIA map. The modification was done by Ulamm, Wikipedia Commons.

Altai,Tienschan-Orte map Geof WikiThe Altai Mountains  by, Geof, Wikipedia.

The rest of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Altai Mountains  by, Vit Hnevkovsky.800px-2006-07_altaj_belucha Vit Hnevkovsky WCBeluha Mountain in the Altai range.

800px-GoraBeluha Elgin Yuri WCKatun Ondrei  by, Yuri.

sm katun Ondrei Zvacek WCAltai Kuscherla Tal  by, Stefan Kuhn.

800px-Altai_Kutscherla-Tal Stefan Kuhn WCAltai Mountains at Kazakhstan  by, Dimitri A. Mottl.

800px-Kazakhstan_Altay_2 Dimitri A Mottl WCSunset at Kucheria Lake  by, Dimitri A. Mottl.

800px-Sunset_at_Kucherla_lake Dimity A Mottl WCSome animals you might see in the Altai Mountains.

Camels  by, Yoavd.

Camels_caravan Yoavd WCReindeer  by, Lomvi.

Spitsbergen_reindeer01 Lomvi WCLynx  by, Bohringer Friedrich.

Lynx_lynx,_Luchs_11 Bohringer Friedrich WCLast picture. Snow Leopard, way up high in the Altai mountains  by, Rodney Jackson.

640px-Mikmar Rodney Jackson WC snow leopard