I must first tell you that I just wasted a lot of time looking for public domain pictures of the tree being harvested, transported and then planted in President’s Park. No luck. The pictures that I did find, were copyrighted and all over the place.
The tree this year replaced one that 50 mile hour winds took down. They had one that died of transplant shock before that. Transplanting large trees, I’m going to say over 6 feet, can be hard on the roots. The roots have trouble settling down. When you do transplant a large tree, just remember, they don’t like you doing that.
This year, the tree came from the Blanco Ranger District of the White River National Forest in Colorado, US.

The map.

us_map EPA CO DCUS map of the states by EPS. I drew the red lines. DC is Washington D.C.

This is a picture of the tree before they dug it up. It is taken by the US Forest Service.

us fs co treeFrom the same site, here is a picture of the tree with the stats.


Except for the last picture, which is by the National Park Service, the pictures were taken by Tim Evanson, Wikipedia Commons. They were taken in Washington D.C.

6 foot trees are planted around the area of the big tree.

State_trees_-_US_National_Christmas_Tree_-_Washington_DC_-_2012 6 foot Tim Evanson WCThis is the stump of the last tree that was removed.

400px-Stump_of_the_US_National_Christmas_Tree_-_2011-02-20 winds Tim1965 WCThe decorations for the tree were made by children in Colorado. The these was nature. That was one of the pictures I couldn’t fine. My mother used to say, when something couldn’t be seen for some reason, imagine you see them.

This is a picture of the tree after it was planted.

US_National_Christmas_Tree_-_looking_W_-_2012 Tim Evanson WCTo support the tree branches are guy wires. The tree was planted just before Hurricane Sandy. The tree made it.

guy wiresAnother imagination picture. These are boxes of model trains to be put around the tree by model train volunteers.

Xmas_train_about_to_be_set_up_03_-_US_National_Christmas_Tree_-_Washington_DC_-_2012 21 11 Tim Evanson WCThe lights for the tree are LED, light emiting diodes. They use less energy than the old type lights. You see LEDs in things like clock radios.They are on netting so that they don’t hurt any branches.

Light_netting_-_US_National_Christmas_Tree_-_Washington_DC_-_2012 Tim EVanson WC lights dayThis is the last picture. The tree has been lighted.

nps 2012 tree lighted