The Suomi National Orbiting Partnership Satellite has taken some vibrant images of the Earth at night. The short version of the satellite’s name is Suomi NPP. It is a NASA and NOAA, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration project. It launched in 2011.
Today, I am showing just some of the pictures of the Earth when it is dark. There is a picture called the Black Marble, which is the Earth at night. The Blue Marble is the Earth during the day.
I found the mother lode of images about how they built this satellite and I will do a post on that because I love hardware, even though I don’t understand it.

This first picture is of the 2012 Blue Marble.

2012 blue marbleThe next picture is of a composite picture of the world at night.

sm earth hemi at nightThe southern lights over Antarctica.

antarctic_vir_2012197_1These are six pictures of city lights at night.

Europe, Middle East and Africa.

city_lights_africa_720 europe and middle eastAsia and Australia.


The Americas.


korea_vir_2012268_1 Suomi NPPThe Nile.

sm nileUnited States

sm usLast picture. 2012 Black Marble.

Black Marble